diferente dintre americani si restul lumii

topic fascinant, dac-ati avut ocazia sa ajungeti prin State. Cateva mai interesante:

- paying for gas before you fill up. How are you supposed to know how much you need in advance if paying cash?
- Tipping as an obligation. It's de facto required in US. Even if the service was crap.
- When Americans kid one another, they will wait a few seconds and then let the kidee know that they were just kidding. Every time.
- Elaborate and structured dating rules.
- Very little awareness of the larger world beyond their own hometown and its foibles and celebrities
- 4700 kinds of toothpaste in the supermarkets
- Price tags in shops don't always include sales tax.
- People ask "How are you?" as a casual greeting, but no one really cares how you are.
- General ignorance about other places and cultures
- Beaches have opening and closing times; police enforced

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