adevarul este ca...

... exista doua categorii de oameni: aia care o fac si aia care isi dau cu parerea de pe margine. Nu intamplator in randul ultimilor se afla atotstiutorii, chibitzi care sunt si cei mai vocali...
Some of the richest people I know aren’t really entrepreneurs. They worked at HP and then moved to Netscape when it got hot. They made a fortune and then jumped to Google and made another fortune. And now they’re jumping to Facebook.

They may be very good engineers, or sales people, or marketing, or execs. But they ain’t entrepreneurs. They’re just resume gardening and they’re really no different from everyone else.

I don’t care if you’re a billionaire. If you haven’t started a company, really gambled your resume and your money and maybe even your marriage to just go crazy and try something on your own, you’re no pirate and you aren’t in the club.
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