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- 11 milioane de masini rechemate @ 25k una, in medie = 275 miliarde

- amenzi - cateva miliarde pe tara in fo 5-10 tari (sa  zicem) = 30 miliarde

- procese - inca fo 30-50 de miliarde

- se fac vreo 400 de miliarde. La care se adauga intangibile gen brand si vanzari pierdute.

- poate fi usor un faliment, caz in care statul german probabil ca va interveni.

Grecia pare un copil mic deja.

citatul zilei

In every case the discovery problem solved by the aggregator is of far more value than any one unit of supply, which has freed the aggregators to focus on owning the end user relationship, confident that suppliers will have no choice but to tag along.

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Cum face Google marketing direct. In America

Prin cold calling, mai exact:

Need to discuss with the business owner as well. Press one to speak with an agent now and claim your listing. If you do not press one to claim your listing your customers will not be able to find you online. So press one now. If we’ve reached you in error or you’re not the business owner. Press nine now and you’ll be removed from this list.

Asta e mesajul standard din apelul automat al unui robot care suna in numele Google. Mai departe se intampla asa:

So when I speak to an actual person and they promise to get me on the first page of Google search results I ask the caller, “what specific search terms are we talking about? Are you telling me that if someone does a search on the term “marshmallows” that my name is guaranteed to come up?”

“Do you make marshmallows?” one caller replied.

“Aren’t you supposed to know?” I answered. “For that matter, how do you know I’m not already appearing in the first page of Google search results? You don’t know, do you?”

Of course they don’t know. They know nothing about me.

In momentul in care consumul de media se muta in platforme sociale care agrega continut, iar siteurile standalone devin din ce in ce mai irelevante, unui motor de cautare ca Google ii ramane partea utila, de pagini galbene. Pe care trebuie sa o indexeze ca sa ramana util si pentru care se bate, la randu-i, cu siteuri gen Yelp, Foursquare sau Citysearch.

Toata povestea aici.

later edit - de fapt e un scam:

– Google does not place robocalls.
– Google does not call to “update your front page listing” or ask you to “claim your free website.”
– Google does not charge for inclusion in Google Search or Google My Business.

Apple pencil mi se pare foarte tare


Atunci cand lucrez cu altii, imi place sa explic folosindu-ma de desene. Schematice, cat mai simple, care devin de fapt simple mazgaleli privite din afara unui context.

Insa in context, mai ales cand explici ceva, au sens.

De regula am un caiet sau mai folosesc coli albe de hartie. Mai ales cand cei cu care lucrez doresc sa tina mazgalelile pentru a nu uita ce am discutat.

La asta m-am gandit cand am vazut ce inseamna Apple Pencil. Mi se pare genial de simplu si util. Si adauga un nou nivel de utilitate pentru ipad, device care mie in continuare mi se pare o jucarie pentru copii sau pentru oamenii prea comozi sa foloseasca un calculator.

Publishingul se muta pe facebook...

... sau pe platforme care agrega continut

Din ce in ce mai frecventa ipoteza asta, si dpdv strategic cumva normal procesul de consolidare are sens, avand in vederea fragmentarea accentuata a publisherilor.

Una din platforme poate fi si Medium, de exemplu.

Battelle: What’s the state of independent publishing?

Williams: It is in flux. We never realized the potential of it that we saw with blogging and the open Internet. In the next three years, it’s going to look massively different and it will do well.

The idea won’t be to start a website. That will be dead. The individual website won’t matter. The Internet is not going to be about billions of people going to millions of websites. It will be about getting it from centralized websites.

Battelle: So where am I doing content?

Williams: You’re doing it on a number of platforms. It’s going to go the way video has. … deals with Apple.

Battelle: How do I get my work out on Facebook and actually get it seen?

Williams: I don’t know what the dark arts of Facebook are. It’s actually less work (to distribute there). Creating content on Medium is easier than doing your own website. So is getting readers. There’s an order of magnitude more people who have an inclination to share thoughts and ideas with the world than people who want to be publishers.

Modelul de business ramane:

[Medium] We’re not going to invent some new way to make money from publishing. Will do turnkey premium-content option–with a paywall. We’ll also enable advertising. You can do branded/sponsored content on Medium, but there are no tools yet. We will have them, though.

Gonna be tough for lots of publishers. It already is is for most. Tot interviul cu Ev Williams, omul din spatele Medium, aici.

What is real

Is any of it real?

I mean look at this. Look at it!

A world built on fantasy. Synthetic emotions in the form of pills; psychological warfare in the form of advertising; mind-altering chemicals in the form of food; brainwashing seminars in the form of media; controlled isolated bubbles in the form of social networks.

Real? You wanna talk about reality?

We haven't lived in anything remotely close to it since the turn of the century. We turned it off, took out the batteries, snacked on a bag of GMOs while we tossed the remnants in the ever expanding dumpster of the human condition.

We live in branded houses trademarked by corporations built on bipolar numbers, jumping up and down on digital displays, hypnotising us into the biggest slumber mankind has ever seen.

You have to dig pretty deep kiddo, before you can find anything real. We live in a kingdom of bullshit; a kingdom you've lived in for far too long.

So don't tell me about not being real. I'm no less real than the fucking beef patty in your Big Mac.

din finalul primului sezon al unuia din cele mai bune seriale ale anului, Mr Robot

rent versus buy

Categoria masini. Unde rent include si mersul cu taxiul.


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fie sunt de sus in jos, in care ai oameni angajati sa ti le faca pe diverse canale asociate unui brand.

fie sunt de jos in sus, in care ai o platforma care agrega user knowledge si ti le ofera sub o forma sau alta.

ambele modele se bazeaza pe publicitate, model de business care in secolul 21 nu cred ca mai poate fi luat in serios daca vrei sa fii in businessul de knowledge... plus ca, la nivel de produs:

Summing up, because of the current limitations in AI and any other computer-based analytical methods, human curation is essential at some point to get a result that can be relied upon and acted upon. The only question is whether the user is expected to provide the curation or whether it should have already been done inside the service.

In the case of Google Search, human curation happens when a user browses the search results. For Maps, human curation has to happen internally because users expect 100% accuracy and because it is the platform technology for automated driving directions. For advertising, human curation happens when a user shows interest and decides to click on it, which is a very rare event. For music streaming, human curation can happen by the use of the "skip" button, but in some situations, a more accurate playlist is preferred. For Google Now and other personal assistants, if they are to replace human secretaries, they'll have to be pretty accurate and hence need a form of human curation.

Another way of looking at is that a human created knowledge base allows others to build services upon that data, but not so much for an automatically built one. This is certainly the case with Maps as opposed to Search, and is very much the case in Bioinformatics.

This is the current state of automated analyses. AI might improve significantly and become good-enough for even demanding situations. However, I as far as I can tell, we're still pretty far off.

citatul e de aici.

un cerc vicios

In media e o problema de supravietuire, nu e nimeni lacom. Vrei sa vezi starea industriei media din .ro? Realitatea – Insolventa, Intact Publishing – Insolventa, EVZ si Capital – Insolventa, Adevarul – Insolventa, Mediafax Group – Insolventa

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The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets.